Middle Science Fall 2021 (Ages 8 – 11)

Thursday workshops 10:30 – 11:50 a.m. from October 21 to December 16, 2021
Follow the link to the weekly lesson write up

Wk.#1: Marble Towers – Building & Testing
Learners tested building materials, designed towers, and loaded them with as much weight as they could handle.

Wk.#2: Matter, Mixtures, & Measures
Learners explored different mixtures and experimented to create the best slime

Wk.#3: Simple Machines – Pulleys & Catapults
Learners explored examples of simple machines, then designed and constructed their own catapult to test.

Wk.#4: Objects in Motion – Newton’s Roller Coaster
Learners explored kinetic energy and modifying structures.

Wk.#5: Heat & Energy
Learners investigated the how different materials behaved when heated.

Wk.#6: Rocks & Landforms
Learners constructed models of landforms and investigated rock properties.

Wk.#7: Chemistry – Changes & Reactions
Learners explored acids, bases, changes, and reactions

Wk.#8: Electricity & Circuits
Learners constructed and tested circuits of their own design

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