Junior Science Spring 2022 (Ages 6 – 9)

Thursday Workshops 9:00 – 10:20 a.m. from March 3 to April 21
Follow the link to the weekly lesson write up

Wk.#1 – Towers: Building & Testing
Learners planned, constructed, and tested towers to support three action figures as high as they could.

Wk.#2 – Liquids & Mixes
Learners measured and mixed liquids and observed their properties.

Wk.#3 – Sound Science
Learners created their own musical instruments and experimented with making sounds.

Wk.#4 – Creating Colours
Learners mixed colours, experimented with creating inks and paints, and dyed fibres.

Wk.#5 – Construction of Structures
Learners explored using different construction materials and methods to create a shelter.

Wk.#6 – Making and Breaking Rocks
Learners identified properties of rock samples, explored ways chalk could be broken down, and assembled rock cycle booklets.

Wk.# 7 – Animal Needs & Roles
Learners sorted animals by characteristics and habitats, used models to describe adaptations, and built a model of an animal habitat.

Wk.# 8 – Magnets
Learners predicted and tested materials for being attracted to magnets, then built a car moved by a magnet.

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