Wk. 8: Magnets

Week #8: Magnets


  • Recognize that magnets are used for devices in your home
  • Predict if a material is attracted to magnets
  • Test and sort materials based on if they are attracted to magnets
  • Demonstrate the polarity of magnets
  • Construct a device that uses magnets
  • Demonstrate that magnetic force acts at a distance and through obstacles
  • Record and share observations


  • Learners examined devices and toys that used magnets to work.

  • Learners sorted materials based on their predictions of if a material would be attracted to a magnet or not. They then tested the materials and recorded their observations.
  • Learners observed how far away an object could be from different magnets and still be pulled towards the magnets.
  • Learners constructed a simple roller car designed to be pushed by magnetic forces.

Questions to Discuss

  • What is one tool or device that uses magnets?
  • What is one clue that might help you guess if a material might be attracted to a magnet?
  • Why would some coins be attracted to a magnet but others were not?
  • What do you observe when two magnets are brought close together?
  • Why was it important to keep your car as light as possible to be moved by your magnet?

Things to Try at Home

  • With the help of an adult, search for five or more magnets that are part of machines and objects in your house. Keep track of what you find using a word list or pictures to share.
  • What are some symbols that you use to help sort things around your house? Hint: some might be a symbol that tells you if a quality or ingredient is present, others will be a warning.
  • Search for examples of jobs being done with super big magnets. Make a poster or a picture collage to share what you find about these super big magnets. How do they make life better or easier?
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